Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are You a Good Enough Teacher?

I just came across a brief article from Kylie's Our Worldwide Classroom Facebook blog page and I thought it was worth sharing since it inspired me and gave me encouragement and hope.

I know I feel inadequate sometimes about teaching my children at home and I'm assuming others may feel the same way.  I hope this article, Are You a Good Enough Teacher? from Simple Homeschool (dot) net will give you encouragement too!

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The Adventurer said...

Okay so you know I needed to read this, didn't you:) 87th percentile for my kids...the pressure is on:) Voted for you today (already):)

Mom2Seven said...

Hi Tracy! Are you familiar with A LITTLE WAY OF HOMESCHOOLING? I won it from a blog giveaway. Fantastic resource and getting a lot of "buzz" on many Catholic homeschool blogs. I have been homeschooling for so many years (remember my oldest just turned 24!), and I have so many years ahead as my youngest is only 3. I needed a new approach. We were already heading in the direction the book discusses this past year and had one of our best years ever... the book really gave me encouragement as well as the assurance I needed.

Hope all is well! +JMJ+

Lynda said...

Great article! Love Jamie's words of wisdom always. She is a wonderful inspiration, and her timing is so good. I needed to read this today as we have not started school yet, and I'm feeling behind already.

Next week I have to concentrate on job hunting. Thoughts of placing my son back in public school temporarily have been enticing, but I know he would not be better off.

Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration to stick to my guns on this issue. Have a blessed day, Tracy.


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